Google+ App for iPad Available for Free Instant Download

The earlier released Google+ app for an iPhone has been updated further to make it compatible with iPad and iPod touch. This Google+ app for iPad is just a clone of the Google+ app for iPhone and has more or less similar features. This comes as a good new for the Apple iPad users who […]

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Google+ Android Apps to Support Check-in Offers

Google has disclosed about supporting of check-in offers via Google+ Android apps. For the businesses. If we could believe Google, then customer’s privacy is not invaded as he/she doesn’t necessarily has to share the check-ins on Google+. This is what Google has to say on its help page regarding integration of Google places with Google+ […]

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Google+ Apps for iPhone Released with Improved Performance

We have already shared about Google+ apps for Android. Now, there is a good news for Apple iPhone users as well. New version of Google+ apps for iPhone has been released. This latest version of Google+ apps for iPhone has lots of fixed bugs as well as an altogether improved performance. Even the features […]

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Download Google Plus Android Apps for Free

Here is a good new for all those users who have been looking for Google+ Android apps. This is the only Google+ Mobile Apps which has been released by Android and is available for an instant download free of cost from Android market. The latest version 1.0.2 of this Google+ Android apps which was released […]

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How to Access and Use Google Plus from Mobile [Apps]

With larger number of people these days accessing their favourite social networking site from mobiles, the success of any new social network depends heavily on its mobile apps. Soon after Google+ was launched, most of the social networking fans started looking for the mobile version of Google Plus so that they can use while on […]

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