Newbie’s Guide to Google Plus(+)

If you have just made an account on Google+ then you need to know some basics of Google plus. If you have been a Facebook user all this while, then things can be different in Google plus. Most of the new users get confused after opening an account in the Google plus website. There might be many things that may be similar to Facebook social networking site but, names are different in Google plus social networking site. So, let us take a look at some of those things.

newbies guide to google plus

Google Plus(+) has a stream rather than wall

This is a major difference. Google plus has a Google stream, which is similar to Facebook wall, where you can write messages to friends. It lets you post your text with support. It lets you post all the hyperlinks, if you want to add any. There is an added formatting option in the Google plus stream that is not there in Facebook. It also has a customized button for viewing. Only friends in your Google plus circle will be able to see your post. Therefore, it is a fun way of interacting with your friends. It also stops you from re sharing of posts. This is good for duplicate entry.

Google Plus message option

Google plus messaging option is also different. You have two options in this. There is a public broadcast option and private message option available. You have to make a stream post in the Google plus social networking site. Then you have to type the message or as it is stream the message. Next, type the persons name in the stream message box. It also gives an option to delete any circle or friend that is not required. The message remains private. No one can see the message through this steaming.

How to post pictures

Sharing photos is simple in Google plus social site. As Google plus owns Picasa photo service. Sharing photos in this becomes even more simple. You can upload your picture album to Picasa and then directly upload it to your Google plus site. Or else, there is a separate add photo icon in the Google plus. Here also, you have two options that are available. It has ‘add a single photo’ or ‘add a complete album’ option. There is another option, from your “phone photo”. This option is for android phone users, as android is a Google based operating system. Therefore, next time you take photos from android, it can be directly uploaded in the Google plus networking site.

Google plus also lets you format text. In Facebook, you cannot format texts so many people get irritated. Google plus lets you stream your text. You have option of bold interface and italics interface. Therefore, this can really add an interesting element.

Many people get confused on opening an account on Google plus. However, with keeping in mind the above simple tips, there will not be any problem. Google plus has many added features unlike Facebook. Once you are hooked to the site, you will really enjoy the site. So, go ahead and make an account today.

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