How is Google+ Android Apps Different than Website

Everything is on your Smartphone today, so why not your Google plus. If you are an android phone user, then you must download Google plus for android on your phone. It not only makes your access simple, but it helps to keep you connected to your friends and family. Google plus for android is simple to access and it is similar to the main site. All the features that are in the main site can be expected in this version of application. If you are new to the application of Google plus for android, then let us give you an update on the same.

It has the circles features similar to the main site.

A Google circle is where you have all your friends. Expect a similar circle feature in this application as well. Stay connected to your friends with this feature. Add or remove any of your friends through this application. There is no change in number of your friends in this application. Expect a complete circle list in this app as well. So, never miss a thing with Google plus application. Directly talk to your friends or message them on instant basis.

google plus android apps stream

Stream feature is different in this application.

You can visit the stream feature in the application and know what your friends are saying about you. Stream feature gives you live updates of all your friends and circles. If any of your friends in the circle has updated something minute ago, you would be able to see the update. This is really a fun way to stay connected to your friends and never miss a thing. The stream section will also update, if you have kept your automatic update feature on.

plus android circles

Direct upload button lets you upload photos and videos on instant basis.

There is a separate icon button in the application for uploading your pictures. Upload all your pictures in a single album within minutes.

There is a separate messenger icon in the Google plus application.

With the help of this application, you can send and receive messages on instant basis. This is the fastest messenger to use in the Google plus application.

Another interesting thing in the application is the mobile hangout.

Mobile hangout feature of the application lets you chat with your friends in the circle. There is a separate option of group chat in the mobile hangout. So, it is a fun way of interacting with your friends.

google plus android hangouts

Google plus application for android is a free application that can be downloaded from the Google play market, it updates on automatic basis. If you have used facebook for android, then you will definitely enjoy Google plus for android as well. Google plus application helps you to stay connected with your friends even while you are on the go.

Google plus application is also available for iOS. There is no connectivity issue in the application. In addition, all the previous bugs are fixed in the new updated version of the application. Go ahead and download it today from the Google play store.

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