How to Control Visibility of Posts from Circle in the Stream

Google+ features are getting better this holiday season. In continuation with the same, a new Google+ feature has been introduced to control the posts from a particular circle in the main stream. This Google+ feature is the first in many more additions coming this season. This slider feature on the top of the stream will let you control how do you want the posts from a circle to appear in the main stream. Using the slider at the top, you can choose to display fewer, most or everything from that particular circle into your main stream of posts.


How to use Google+ Slider Features to Control visibility of Posts from a Circle in Main Stream

While viewing stream of posts from a particular circle, you can notice this slider at the top. Using this slider, you can graphic-equalize or fine tune the stream. For example, from a circle of close friends, you would not like to miss a single posts. In such case, you can keep the slider positioned at extreme right side i.e. choose to display everything from the circle of close friends. Similarly, from a circle of colleagues or business network, you may choose to display only fewer posts. In that case, you can keep the slider at extreme left (i.e. show fewer posts position). So as per your chosen setting for the slider, your posts from that particular circle will get blended (fewer to everything).

Google+ Slider Feature to Control Posts Visibility [Video]

Below is the video on where and how to find and use slider feature in Google+ to control the posts from a particular circle to appear in main stream.

Google+ slider feature to Control Posts visibility in main stream

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