Google Plus: Another Social Networking Attempt by Google

Google Plus project is nothing but another attempt by Google to get into social networking domain. Well, everyone know about the ill fate of Google’s earlier attempts to get into social networking domain via Orkut, Buzz, Wave. However, it seems,  the search engine giant has not yet given up and has made another try with Google Plus to make its presence felt in the social network arena. Will it be succesful or not? This question has already been going around in the web world. It is a bit too early to make any conclusion on this as yet. It has been rolled out as beta to selected users for testing. In fact, Google has exhausted its full quota of initial users and they are not giving access of Google Plus to any one else at the moment. However, they have provided a link to sign up so that as and when they roll out the product or they are in position to add more users, signed up users will get notified automatically.


Can Google Plus be a Facebook Killer?

Many people have already started calling it as more of a Facebook Killer. That indeed may sound a little funny to all those hard core fans of Facebook who has been a pioneer in the social networking. Just like terms Google and search engine act as a synonyms to each other, similarly most people know social networking as Facebook only. Facebook has made people aware what a social network is and has made a history on how people communicate and collaborate with each other today in this amazing  cyber world.

Google has seemed to learnt from its earlier failure experiences in social networking domain. This is evident from the initial features that have been rolled out with Google Plus. Some of the features are really good and don’t seems to exist in Facebook even. This is a good strategy by Google to have some differntiating features so as to make Google plus stand out and even attract the attention of Facebook loyal users. The video chat is one of them. However, it may not be right to underestimate Facebook in anyway. In fact, Facebook has already geared up to face the challenges offered by Google Plus and has already started making buzz about rolling out video chat in Facebook as well.

Some of the Google Plus features which will help it to be in the competition with Facebook are Circles, Selective Sharing, Sparks, hangouts, Huddle and instant upload. Will explain about each one of these in the upcoming posts. Google Plus will be quite an easy to integrate with the other Google products like Gmail etc. This is something which may help Google a lot in gaining its initial subscriber base. It may be worth taking note, that Google’s total subscriber base as of today is close to 1 billion whereas Facebook has just reached 700 million milestone. Google will obviously try to take maximum advantage of its exsiting large subscriber base.

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  1. Agreed, it would be quite tough for Google Plus network to compete with a leader in social networking – Facebook. Facebook’s popularity is quite evident from the fact that its CEO and founder, Mark’s profile on Google Plus has more followers and fans than Google’s own key executives. Nice post.
    Facebook Video Chat recently posted..Beware of Facebook Video Chat ScamsMy Profile

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