What Would You Like To See In Google Plus [Wish List]

Do you like spending time on Google plus? Then you would want the site to be more interesting. Many a times, people want more interesting applications and things on social sites. So, what are those things. Well, it could be anything, like an interesting application or even a puzzle or quiz. The idea is to make the site interesting for most of the users. Google plus has many features, but it lacks most of the things which users want. Today, we will give you a gist of those features, which you would like or may want to see in the Google plus website.

Polls or quiz:

This is an interesting feature that many users would like to see in Google plus. The poll could be based on any topic. Poll can actually be used as a marketing tool in Google plus. Like, if you have a business page on Google plus. Then it will be easy to make a poll on your product and then ask your followers to rate it. Poll can be used for suggestions as well. So, this can be an interesting feature to look out for in Google plus. This feature will let you share questions with your friends in Google plus circle.

google plus missing features polls

Archive for post:

You heard it right. Many a times, it really becomes difficult to find a particular post in Google plus. What if Google plus has archive for finding all the posts. It will be interesting to see this feature. Directly type in the post you need and it will be displayed. Archive for posts means there would be less clutter on the main profile page of the Google plus. You will be able to search all your friends’ posts, if you missed any.

google plus posts archive search

Filter friends in search:

Finding a person by name is really a very difficult task in social networking sites. When you type, the name is search bar; there are so many options of similar name, which can make you confused. Therefore, the best feature would be the filter feature. Filter feature will help to find friends and family according to the need. Like, there can be a separate location for the person. There can be physical feature for this. So, finding a friend would really be fun and simple in Google plus. This is an interesting feature, which we are sure many people would like to see in Google plus.

filter friends list google plus

More applications:

As we mentioned before, more apps means more fun in Google plus. So many apps in face book keep the users glued. Google plus should start those applications. Apps like birthday calendar, app counter should be started in Google plus. This will increase the interest level and attract more users. Even third party applications should be started in Google plus. This would be fun and interesting for Google plus users.

more apps and games in google plus

These are some interesting features that Google plus should start. Well, there can be individual liking related to the features. However, if these features are incorporated, then many users will switch to Google plus.

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