How to Add Gmail Contacts to Google Plus Circles

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Google plus is trying its level best to compete with facebook. Following this effort, Google plus has now integrated with Gmail and other Google products. Google plus wants to expand its reach so, integrating it with Gmail would definitely help the company. Google plus would be integrated with all your Gmail contacts. So, you can easily access all the contacts from your Gmail. This feature would allow you to see all the latest updates by Google plus contacts. Any person can be added in Google plus circle.


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Add Gmail Contacts to Google Plus Circles, Share and Filter [Integration]

Google contacts will use your circle information. This would not remove your contacts group, but will overlay another group. This would also be used in filter option. Gmail will now offer circles as a filtering option. Therefore, all the incoming mails can be filtered based on respective circles or contacts.

Circles would show up in labels in your Gmail or your conversation list. Therefore, now you would be able to add anybody in Gmail with your Google circle contact list. This would also be based on the contact widget. If you use Google plus and Gmail, the integration would really help you.

Another feature is, sharing in this integration. Google is introducing a way for friends to share all the email photos on Google plus. There will be an additional share button with a view option. There will be a download button, which you can use for downloading. This would be next to image attachment.

With the integration, circles and mail would be easy to access.  The address book would be automatically updated in your Gmail contacts. If you add any address in Google circle or plus, then you can see it directly on your Gmail.

Google plus integration is definitely going to help all the social networking users. The effort will not only integrate products but it would integrate users as well. Facebook is the biggest challenge with Google plus. However, with this move the company is expecting more users for Google plus.

If everything is easily available and accessible, every user would switch service. Google plus is also planning to integrate with Google documents. This move would help users who use Google spread sheets. There is a Google added support with the integration, which can be used.

How far will Google plus succeed with the integration thing, one needs to wait and watch. For time being, enjoy all the efforts and services in your Gmail account.

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