G+Me: Chrome Extension for Google+ to improve Usability of Posts and Comments

All of you who have been using Google+ quite extensively and have added lots of circles and friends may be finding managing posts and comments a very tedious tasks. It is because of the fact that Google+ doesn’t offer any functionality as yet to hide /un-hide the posts and comments.  Whatever posts and comments are there in your stream, they remain visible always and keep taking away screen space. That make it quite difficult to manage them specially when they are in huge numbers. It not only becomes very frustrating to work with your stream but it also wastes lots of time and effort which you have to spent on managing what you have read and what you have not within your posts and comments. But now there is a way out. There is an extension available for Google Chrome with the name G+Me which helps you to manage your posts and comments better.

Download G+Me Chrome Extension for Google+

Since, it is an extension for chrome, you can not install and make it work on any other browser.

To download and install the G+Me chrome extension for Google+, click here from within your chrome browser only. It takes only a minute to install it and it become functional immediately.

Features of G+Me Chrome Extension for Google+

Some of the interesting features of G+me chrome extension for Google+ are as below.

  • You can easily hide and un-hide a post. This is better than muting a post altogether as with mute option, you can never get back that posts whereas with this extension, you can always have an option to un-hide whenever you want.G+-me-chrome-extension-for-google+-comments-posts-stream
  • Collapse or hide comments. Within any post you can just click on the sidebar (which is always visible) of the comment section and hide the comments. Clicking the sidebar again will un-hide the comments. Even when hidden, it shows the number of comments (unread, read) on top of the bar.
  • Your notifications always remain visible on top of the browser window and you don’t even have to scroll up or down to see it. This notification badge is always there on top for you to see.G+-me-chrome-extension-for-google+
  • Even with hide and un-hide of posts and comments, you don’t have to manually track what you have seen and what not. This G+Me chrome extension remembers all that.
  • This G+Me chrome extension works in two modes – expanded and list. These can be chosen from the top notification badge. In the list mode, you can mouse over the collapsed or hidden posts and it will instantly show the functional preview on the side.

So, you see, how this interesting G+Me chrome extension for Google+ makes working with lots of posts and comments stream so easy and fun.

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