Does Google Plus Sparks Has Enough Spark ?

Google Plus Sparks is a feature that allows you to share an interesting content, story, news right from the web to your stream. You can choose whom to share that spark with – it could be your complete circle or even only selected people from a circle or even could be selected people from different circles. Google Plus Sparks is a great tool which helps to really add a spark to your conversation. As if in the real world conversation, you often tend to quote something from the latest news, cricket score or some latest bollywood /hollywood gossip. Google Plus Sparks works entirely in the same fashion and allows you to pick up the same reference /quote from the web which you can share and include in your conversation. You don’t have to leave the Google+ interface to search and share a spark.

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How to Share Using Google Plus Sparks

  • Logon to your Google+ account.
  • On the Google+ home screen, you will find the option “Sparks” listed on the left hand side bar.
  • Click “Sparks” and it will display the default featured interest categories like Fashion, Recipes, Movies etc.


  • You can either click any one of the featured interest category or you can do a custom search from the Sparks search box on the upper side.
  • Clicking featured interest or searching for something else will bring forth all the top stories in that section.
  • You can see the brief snap shot of the story listed therein on your Google+ account screen itself.
  • To see the full story, you can click the title and it will take you to the main website where the story is listed or else you can share the story by clicking “Share” button below the story.
  • Clicking the “Share” button will pop up a box where you can choose the circles or selected people with whom you would like to share the content. You can even add your comment along with the story.


  • After selecting the people or circles, clicking the Share button again will finally post the item and it will be shared with the chosen people.
  • Shared spark will appear in your as well as other people’s stream.
  • By default, other people can also reshare the same story /spark with others. However, there is an option to disable the re-share if you want to do so.
  • You can even save the spark by clicking the “Add Interest” button below spark and it will get saved and listed on the left hand side bar (within Sparks section). It is just to help in case that spark is something which you track and search for quite often. Next time you will only have to click on the saved spark title and it will bring forth all the results from the web.

Please note, if you are sharing a spark “publicly” then it will be visible in search results.

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