Changes in New Google Plus Social Site

Facebook timeline is really getting popular day by day. So, why would Google plus remain behind. Google plus social networking site has also introduced the new and improved interface for all its users. With more than 170 million users; Google plus wishes to impress everyone. The new Google interface has everything, which you always wished for. What is more, the new page of Google plus can also be used for marketing and advertising purposes. Therefore, what are the features that you can expect in the new version of Google plus interface.

Larger images and videos:

Unlike the older version of Google plus, the new version has larger pictures and video options. If you watched video in the previous version and were not happy, then now you will not complain. The new version has good video quality and it supports all the shared and tagged videos as well. A whole new page is now dedicated to videos. Photos had a standard size in the Google plus social site. There have been changes in the photo options as well. Complete album can be uploaded with the same picture length and can be viewed in larger version as well. Therefore, this feature is something to look out for in the new Google plus interface.

new google plus large photos videos

New hangout page:

There are many options in the new hangout. Unlike previous version, in this version there will be an updated list of invitations in your circle. Therefore, this would let you access the invitation on direct basis. The new interface will allow you to access to public hangout. This will also allow you to broadcast your videos in one go. Therefore, it will be easy to share all your videos in your circle. What’s more, this feature will also let you access the rotating billboard. This will feature all the popular hangouts. There will be a separate list of popular hangouts, which can be used in the social networking site. So, you will not miss any hangout.

new public hangout broadcast videos

Banner image is large:

You might know about the new Facebook timeline page. In addition, within no time this page has become popular. So, taking a cue from it, Google plus has also decided to make its banner image larger like Facebook. Earlier the banner image in the main page of Google plus networking site was small. However, now, the image is large and it also lets you put large wallpapers if you want to put any. There are two separate options in this feature. Either you can put the complete image or, it uses an option of block. Five images can be used to create a block. Therefore, this is something to look out for in the new Google plus interface.

large profile banner google plus

Many new tabs and applications:

Many more applications that are new and tabs can be used in the new Google plus interface. It is featured in the new application and tab page. Therefore, now the new page will let you access all your favourite applications.

These are some changes to be expected in the new Google plus interface.

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